Some Software’s which is Essential for Your Computer-Complete List

It’s not important for everyone to run all kinds of software in computer. But we need to run some software which is essential for our computer. This blog will help you by providing some list and information about all essential software for your PC. To keep faster your computer you must need to maintain proper software guide. Let’s start -- 

01.           SECURITY
i.                    AVGAntivirus there have many opinions about antivirus, I test almost all famous antiviruses but now I think AVG is best among of the entire antivirus, even to a PC who have low configuration.  If you run Windows Seven operating system then I highly recommend you to install valid AVG Antivirus software, I think you will get tight security from this software. But one thing is very important, AVG take update frequently, without update it’s never work with full power. To ensure full security in your PC it’s so important that you have an internet connection. Don’t feel frustration if you run limited bandwidth internet, in whole month AVG may took maximum 130-140 MB update. This amount is not big for any people.
ii.                   MicrosoftSecurity EssentialMSE is freeware software, so u have not need to buy it. Officially Microsoft launches this software to protect all kinds of threat in your PC. I did not found more recommendation about this antivirus software but it’s really works well. The best advantage of Microsoft Security Essential is, your PC never feel he have an antivirus software.  To protect low speed in computer you can use this software. But overall protection power is not good than AVG, so if you have average configuration PC then I think AVG is best.

02.           Multimedia Player
          I.            KMP – wow! It’s an amazing media player which supports all kinds of multimedia format. Recently KMP released his latest version 3.2, where have excellent library facility. So people who want to run only one player to his PC I recommend him or her to KMP. Good picture, a lot of function, support from KMP forum, you never feel lack of skin (many skin available in KMP forum). So it’s final that now day no PC can run without KM player. The great thing is this software is freeware.
        II.            MediaPlayer Classicafter KM player I want to consider this player for your PC. Though it’s have not a lot of advantages like KMP but to run all kinds of video you can use this Player. You will get EVR (enhanced video render), Playback, record from TV (if you have TV tuner), multi monitor configuration facility form this freeware player.

03.           PDF Viewer

        I.            AdobeReaderAdobe always best than all others type of software. Normally this software (Adobe Reader) also providing huge facility for all kinds of electronic documents. You can open any eBook with editing facility like search, digitally sign, verify, print, and collaborate by using this software. So to view and edit all of your documents I think Adobe reader can be 1st choice for you.
      II.            FoxitReader Foxit Reader is another great pdf or document viewer software which quality only typical like Adobe Reader. The big advantage for this software is it’s always works faster than Adobe Reader but if you are going to compare the features of both software then I think Adobe Reader is best. Foxit Reader is freeware software.
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by Razu Ahammed

Razu Ahammed is Author in RMW-AUS & founder of RAZU Multimedia World. Love to work with Web Developing but passionate about Blogging. He is from Bangladesh.

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