Bangladesh Railway E-ticket Service-How to Purchase Ticket in Online

Today Bangladesh railway started online ticket purchasing service which operated by CNS company. It is really good news for customer who especially uses online, many people like me interested to buy ticket in online. Mobile ticket purchasing service is very complex and the charge which have fixed by operator also big. So after heard online ticket purchasing service I am going to their site ( and try to open an account, first process (Signup) have been done successfully but I did not get any verification link to my custom domain email (… I thought there might be some problem in my email, then I opened another account by using normal Gmail service but still I did not get any verification link from railway online ticket purchasing website. This thing really frustrated me, why new services basically disable? At last I was trying to Contact with authority but here also have error, “Failed to send email, Please try again later” this message always come. So now the question is –

    ## Online Railway ticket service is very good for customer; they can easily Bangladesh Railway Online Ticket (eticket) purchase ticket by using debit or credit card. But is Railway site able to secure all debit card information? This is matter of great security, if anyway any debit card data loss from website then this customer can fall big trouble.
## Why site was launched without full preparation? Why main function Signup did not work!
## Why Contact service disable in website?

I want to appreciate online railway ticketing service but if CNS cannot maintain full security in their site then this service will not able to make popularity. They also need to fix all kinds of bug within short time. 
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by Razu Ahammed

Razu Ahammed is Author in RMW-AUS & founder of RAZU Multimedia World. Love to work with Web Developing but passionate about Blogging. He is from Bangladesh.

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