How to Stop Auto Download File Info in Internet Download Manager: Solution

Internet Download Manager is most powerful and popular download manager in the internet. Maximum persons are regular users of internet download manager. Like others I am also use this download manager but today I am going to share with you about an IDM disgusting problem including solution.

Auto Download File Info
You notice in some site Internet Download Manager automatically starts downloading some unnecessary file without your permission. This problem is more acute in streaming site. A lot of download dialogue box come at a time, this is really disgusting. You can remove browser to solve this problem from Internet Download Manager but this is not solution. To solve this problem you need to do some extra work, follow me; I hope you must solve.

How to Stop Auto Download File in I.D.M
            ## At first go Internet Download Manager “Main Dialogue” window
            ## From “Download” to go “Option

Image-01 (IDM)

            ## Now find out “File Types” tab and at last click “Edit List” button

Image-02 (IDM)

            ## There have some links, by following all link IDM don’t start download automatically
            ## Hit “Add” button and enter your web address by following below format –

Auto Download Stop Type
Web site format
To stop all types of file auto download
(you must Add * symbol after / )
You can stop specific types of file auto download
 (Just add File format like - .mp3 or .rar etc.)

Image-03 (IDM)

## One thing is very important, during auto download you must notice downloaded web address, because this address can come from ad provider. In this case you need to block ad provider link.

## I hope my tips could help you to solve this disgusting Internet Download Manager (IDM) problem. Don’t forget to say me thanks; it’s simple, just drop your comment.
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by Razu Ahammed

Razu Ahammed is Author in RMW-AUS & founder of RAZU Multimedia World. Love to work with Web Developing but passionate about Blogging. He is from Bangladesh.

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9 August 2012 17:42

thanks for ur solution

7 January 2013 01:30

thank you very much. this solves the problem.

9 January 2013 02:59

finally, can remove the annoying thing
thank youuu soooooo much

6 February 2013 19:45

thank u fren

17 February 2013 17:41

Tnx bro.. Itz really helpful...

21 May 2013 19:43

Thanks dude! this annoying feature was a lot disturbing. thank you for the solution to this :D

thank you bro for your help.
God bless you in Christ Jesus!!!!:)

12 June 2013 12:06

Its done...!!! thank you very much dude...!!! you are a good person who is doing a good things for everyone.. thanks again..!!

12 June 2013 12:08

thank you very much...!! you are a good person who is doing good things for shared a good things for everyone...thanks again..!!

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