How to Always Keep Your Android Phone Faster and Safe-Follow 7 Rules

When we buy some electronic device that could be a Tablet, Notebook, Dextop or Android Phone it always works faster but after couple of months many one told his phone or notebook is not working like at the beginning time. Why it’s happened? In most cases people does not know what is the power and limitation of their device, which type of apps or software their device can handle. As a result they installed some unnecessary or harmful software’s which always obstruct the natural speed of your device. Android is a great open source Mobile and Tablet operating system. Millions of app available for your android device but that’s also a problem, millions of app is not good or all of them are not appropriate for your android device. Recently many report coming where people said, some apps is the cause of his phone deactivate or slow speed. This is normal; you have to verify any app which you are going to install. So I suggest you to follow below rules to keep your android device always faster like it was at first time.

Rule No 1 – Know the Power of Your Android Phone
Every android device have some sort of limitation, if you have a low profile Android phone then it’s more important for you to learn about all features of your device. This is really important, when you have good idea about your phone then it must help you to choose which apps is good or which can be potentially harmful for your phone. Suppose if you want to run HD games but your RAM is only 512 MB then this game must create some kind of problem in your device. Sometime your mobile can be crashed, so always be aware about the power and limitation of your phone.

Rule No 2 – Get Your Android Apps from Safe Source
As I told you can get a lot of android apps from thousands of place in the internet but this is extremely dangerous to download apps from untrusted source. Hackers or low level developer apps always you have to avoid, although it’s so tough to verify which app made by hackers or a low profile developer until it’s create some problem in your phone. For this reason you have to use safe source to download any apps. Officially Google Play Store is the most trusted and safe android app center, download from there is very good. Either you can use Amazon Android Apps store or I think 1 Mobile is not unsafe. But all the above you have to remind play store is open place, so anyone can submit apps there. So little careful can be better to keep your android phone safe and faster. After some scams recently Google review any submitted apps more carefully than before. From my personal experiment, Amazon also very strict to test any submitted apps, they review several time before it get published. So you can also use Amazon Android Apps store.

Rule No 3 – Keep Your Phone Updated
This is most important part not only for your android phone for all kinds of electronics device. Google recently updating their Android operating system frequently. All new Android OS version is faster and safe than previous version. So if you update your phone with latest android operating system that must help to keep your phone faster. But please don’t forget rule number one. That’s mean, for new version android operating system you need particular requirement. If you have android operating system 2.1 (by default) and now you want to update your OS to 4.0.1 that is not very good. I am not trying to tell here, people who have 2.1 OS can’t update to 4.0 but I want to say please first notice what kind of requirement need for Android 4.0 version, if your device have capability to fill all kinds of requirement then you must update your current android operating system. If your device failed to that then this will not be better anyway. To update any kinds of apps also remind same thing.
So the conclusion is update is really good but according to your phone configuration.

Rule No 4 – Remove All Unnecessary Apps
Someone who buy a new android phone and notice thousands of free app they just started to install one by one. This is not for requirement but this is happened from passion. So if you owner of new android phone then you must have to give up apps install passion. You do that not for me; you do that to keep your phone faster and reliable. So remove all apps which is not necessary for you and which is not compatible with your android phone configuration.

Rule No 5 – Run Minimum Widget
Widget is not like apps but it’s run when you only activate it. Users use widget to keep weather news or for GPS location and all others type of activity. But important point is widget never stop working until you remove it from Home screen. When you keep bunch of widget in home screen that must create more pressure to your phone (CPU, Battery). I suggest you to keep as minimum possible widget in your phone. That is really good for a faster android device.

Rule No 6 – Save Your Battery
Almost all touch smartphone have fixed auto lock system. In some device you change auto lock time but try to keep this time minimum. Keep your phone bright normal, lock your phone after finishing work. Always try to avoid live wallpaper, it’s also recommended to keep low animation in phone. Always make full charge and then unplug charger carefully. Never charge phone inadequately, that will be reason for your battery damage.

Rule No 7 – Protect Your Touch Screen
Touch is really so important for any android phone. Your full control into the device will depend to your screen touch power. To keep your touch always smooth and faster you have protect it from all type of scratch. Screen protector may be useful, you can use it. When you keep your phone inside pocket or some rough place I suggest you to use Phone bag, this will help your screen from all unwanted scratch. Always avoid fire or high temperature and magnetic. All of them are harmful for your touch screen. Water, this is most dangerous product to decrease your touch power, never use phone with water mixed hand.

Every android phone has a natural power and limitation. We just have to follow the rules to keep our phone faster and safe. I hope all above tips will help you some.
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by Razu Ahammed

Razu Ahammed is Author in RMW-AUS & founder of RAZU Multimedia World. Love to work with Web Developing but passionate about Blogging. He is from Bangladesh.

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