Download Top 10 Portable Linux/Ubuntu Software/Apps-Run by a Click

Portable software or apps for Linux/Ubuntu is some sort of difficult topic but I think this is very useful. Like me who run Ubuntu operating system from USB drive as a live version they must be benefited by using portable Linux apps. First thing install a software in Linux manually still very difficult for a lot of people, second thing is you can easily find software from Ubuntu software center but you need to do it every time when you are going to re-install any Linux or Ubuntu operating system, this is matter of time and internet bandwidth. So the most significant question is, what can we do now? I guess there have only one alternative way where you don’t have to install any Linux software manually (by using command), or need to download every time from Software Center. Guess, what’s the way? Yes, you can run any time any softwareOnly Which Software have Portable Linux Version* by just a click, this is called Portable Linux/Ubuntu Apps. Here I am going to share some useful and popular portable software for Linux, all apps are freeware and out of copyright question (this is main theme of Linux OS, I Love it). First you must read the section, ‘How to Run Portable Apps in Linux’.

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How to Run Portable Apps in Linux/Ubuntu?
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Mark as Executable Program

Just relax; this is most easiest way to run any portable apps in Linux. Download software, Click the Right Button of your Mouse, go to PROPERTIES and now jump to PERMISSIONS tab. You must MARK “allow executing as a program” and hit the Close button. Now magic, open your software and it will work very fine. Just few hours ago I also tested it in Latest Ubuntu Operating (12.04.1) System by using Live USB CD.

01 – Portable VLC Player for Linux (Player)

This is most popular and effective open source player which works very fine to any operating system like Windows or Linux. You can run almost any kind of video, audio, subtitle file by using this player. For streaming this is best software, you can stream any video or your dextop by using LAN or WAN. Check more after installation.

02 – Portable LibreOffice Software (Office)

Is there anything which software work like Microsoft office or in some case better than MS office? Then definitely the answer will be LibreOffice. Everything which you can do by using MS office that is also possible by using this software. Even you can read and edit any documents which have been made by using Microsoft Office. If you wish to install this software in Windows then there have a windows version of LibreOffice. People never need to pay a cent for this valuable software.

03 – Portable GIMP Photo Editor (Image Editor)

GIMP is default photo editing software in Linux. You might be use it if ever run Linux operating system. This is complete and very easy photo editing apps. You can do anything which is possible by Photoshop or similar type of software. Here is the GIMP portable version, download it and check my talk.

04 – Portable Blender (3D Modeling Software)

We all love to see animation or 3d working. People when say I am working with 3d modeling that must be respectful profession. Do you know which software vastly uses to create a magnificent animated or cartoon movie? Statistics said this is Blender, freeware Linux software. Don’t feel tension, this software have also a windows version and absolutely free. I am here about portable edition, so this blender version is portable and only for Linux/Ubuntu operating system.

05 – Audacity Portable (Audio Editor & Recorder)

Audacity not only so popular audio editing software in Linux, this is also very popular in windows. You can record audio, able to edit them like a professional. It’s not complicated software but you must need some basic to do work about audio editing. I have no so many ideas about audio editing but this is not like rocket science, you can do it. Here is the portable Audacity software as a Linux version.

06 – Portable Firefox for Linux (Browser)

I think nothing needs to tell about this browser. We all know very clearly what Firefox browser is. If you need faster, safety and useful browsing then use this browser. Firefox have thousands of add on, people love to use add on and most them are amazing. Suppose you wish to download YouTube video, then just launch your Firefox browser and download ‘Easy YouTube Downloader’. Now you can download any YouTube video with many type of format including mp3. Below is the link of Portable Firefox software for Linux.

07 – Thunderbird Portable Version (Email client)

I guess every person need to manage multiple emails. We can’t work everything by log in to our multiple email account. Then the best solution is use Mozilla Thunderbird. Thunderbird is very popular email client software both in windows and Linux. You can control all of your incoming and outgoing email (multiple accounts) from your dextop without login every time. Get this Portable Thunderbird version from below link.

08 – Portable Dropbox for Linux (Cloud Storage)

With the growing of time we need to handle more and more data. Cloud is the most popular platform to handle all kind of important data. You hard disk one day might be crash you never lost your any important data because of cloud storage. And you know Dropbox is the most trusty, easy and free platform to manage all your important data in cloud. You can control everything which has in Dropbox from your hard disk and from your Windows, Linux, Mac, and Android, IOS or even Symbian mobile. I think portable version is really great for Dropbox. This is Portable Dropbox apps for Linux edition.

09 – Pidgin Portable (Chat & Communication)

This is multiple chatting client supported software including Yahoo, Linux, and Facebook, AIM or more. So you never miss any of your virtual friends while using this portable software. Very sample and completely ad free chatting software which will work from your Linux system tray (in case of portable version I never check it, please if work then drop your comment). Like all this software also have windows version but here is only Linux compatible portable edition.

10 – Portable PDF Mod (PDF Modifier)

You can edit any pdf file by using this software. Crop, rotate, title or text or Meta data edit, export image or remove page everything is possible by this tinny software. Download now this portable edition for Linux operating system.

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