7 Best SMS-Text Message Sites Who Ensured You Free SMS with Delivery Report

In my online life I guess I had search thousands time for free SMS. If you search in Google for free SMS very few time first page will show you good and free messaging websites. I am telling you it because this is my personal experiment. Excess SEO is the reason for those sites in first page of Google. Anyway I am not here to blame other site but I want to share with you about some best SMS sites who really give you free SMS with hundred percent delivery guaranties. Message delivery is also problem for some site, they would take long time to send your message or your recipients never get your message. I have also plan to write another blog including some other good sms site in next time. I recommend you to SUBSCRIBE us for auto update in your email inbox and we promise there will be no SPAMMING.

Some Important Information:-

★ All websites [Exclude 1] which I have given below supported all countries for free text messaging
★ In many website you even don’t need to register for free SMS
★ Some site support maximum 300 characters free text message
★ You will not get any Custom sender ID from any of below site
[I shall write another blog particularly highlighting those sites who will give you Custom Sender ID. SUBSCRIBE us for automatic update in inbox.]

01 - Red Oxyzen: 100 Free SMS - Delivery Guaranty

This is best renowned site for professional text messaging. Red Oxyzen also certified text messaging site who have integration with Microsoft Outlook, that’s mean you can also send sms by using MS outlook. To get free trial just sign up by following below link and you need an U.S number (if you are not American then get a free US number from Pinger. Don’t know how to get it? Read this blog “Unlimited Free SMS with Free U.S Number)". After signup by using Pinger number you will get a verification code in Pinger which you need to give at Red Oxyzen. This code will ensured you One Hundred free sms for unlimited time.

02 – Pinger (Unlimited Free SMS+ Free U.S Number)

I used this site more than year without getting tiny problem. This site will not only give you hundred percent international unlimited free sms, you also get a free American number. This number will help you all the way where you need American number for a verified user. Even you can sign up Gmail by using Pinger number. You might be surprised why this site then in numbers two? Yeah, there have some reason including personal experiment:-
★ You have no way to get delivery report (but max. time SMS delivered)
★ There have limitation of 160 characters for single sms; you can’t enter more than 160 characters
★ I never get any problem first year but might be over sending is the reason to block some of my recipients number.
But after all you will get great free sms service from this website.[Need more information about Pinger? Then follow my previous blog.]

03 - Slide SMS (300c Supported – No Delivery Report)

This is also good sms site; you don’t need to even register for sending sms. No daily or monthly limitation about sending sms that’s mean unlimited. The best things which attract me in this site that is, this website support maximum 300 characters which is really rare at least for free text messaging service. But the problem is you have no certainty your sms is really delivered to recipient. I test many times, the rate of unsuccessful delivery really low. You can try it some time.

04 – Slip SMS (300c Supported – No Delivery Report)

This website related with above text messaging site but both website is individual. All properties which included with slide SMS that also have in slip sms. So I guess nothing more need to write here. Try it; hope you enjoy this free messaging service.

05 – SendMassage (Max. Delivery Reputation–155c)

I love this site; I got very few unlimited free sms site that able to delivered message more than 90% time. SendMassage is one of them; you can feel comfortable only for this information. All country obviously supported and you will get 155 characters text messaging capacity for a single sms. I guess there have one thing which can bother you, that is captcha. To protect bot they keep this system, every time you need to fill captcha before sending message. But all the way this is a reliable free and unlimited text messaging website. Take a tour from below

06 – Shurjobarta(25 Daily Free SMS–140c–Only in BD)

This is new text messaging website but only support any Bangladeshi mobile operator. If you are a resident from Bangladesh then this is very good website for free text messaging. You will get every day 25 free SMS and for single sms support 140 characters. The best thing is, you will get sms log with delivery report, for that you just need to check “Barta Archive” page. When you will get your sms here that’s mean your sms has been delivered to recipient. It’s a good text messaging website for Bangladesh. I hope, one day it will start international text messaging service. Enjoy this free sms service.

07 – TalkSMS (Daily 1 SMS–SMS Log-Delivery Report)

This site good but you need some referral for more than one free sms daily. If you are able to gather 10 referral then you will get 10 free sms daily. I guess, many one don’t like this system but TalkSMS is really reliable. You will get complete sms log with hundred percent delivery reports. But problem is referral, otherwise one free sms for day. Now it’s your decision what will do.

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by Razu Ahammed

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