Customize Windows 8–Change Lock+Start Screen, Use God-Mode, Power Menu

[This is not like rocket science, it’s very easy to customize your Windows 8. Use God Mode to access maximum setting by a click, Customize your default Log lock & start screen and use Power menu to make your PC like own. All of the things you will get from this article. Let’s start………]

After releasing windows 8 most people said this operating system complex than windows seven. It might true because this operating system broke all Microsoft regular tradition, Microsoft wanted to make a creative operating system like apple and windows 8 is the result. Within short time people can’t take this change but personally I think this operating system faster than windows seven. Maybe the number of my fellows is low, for that recently Microsoft compel to deduce windows seven to windows 8 upgrading price. At least windows 8 did not make any sense which can make us believers that this operating system is popular. Recent market statistics said windows 8 installation percent less than 5%, without any doubt this is awful for Microsoft but I believe it will be popular. However, we are here to customize windows 8, so no more extra talking. One thing important my visitor, you must have to install windows 8 before scrolling below. Ok, don’t mind, I know you have 8; I am just kidding. You can SUBSCRIBE us to get this type of post including other categories in your mailbox.

Create God Mode Folder :-
★ Create a "New Folder" in dextop
★ Rename your new folder - GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}
★ Your folder icon will be changed and it looks like Control Panel icon
★ Enter GodMode folder, you will get all of the windows 8 setting inside this folder
★ Among all setting Action Center (18), Administrative Tools (10), Bit locker, Color Management, Device and Printers (12), Ease of Access (26), Folder Option and Indexing is important. You can also use rest Setting in case of your need.
★ Change your desired setting from GodMode very easily, without wasting a lot of time.

Change Windows 8 Default Lock Screen :-

Every time when you log in pc you have to pass a beautiful lock screen (in my case a tower, hill and sort of river, sky contains) where you get time, network status, date or certain application notification. However, Microsoft set a default lock screen for you, now if you want to change it this is no offense but you have to edit some setting. Just like below:-

★ Press "Windows+C" or keep your mouse cursor "Top or Bottom corner in right side"
★ From floating navigation select "Setting" (Image 01-Below Gallery)
★ Now click to bottom line "Change PC Setting" (Image 02)
★ Just ‘Browse’ your desired image and it’s done (Image 03)
★ One thing you have to remind, your picture resolution is important. Make sure, at least it can reach your screen resolution. Otherwise visual side will not be anyway good i mean you might feel boring every time when you see your lock screen.

8 Customize Gallery-Put Cursor for Large View
Windows 8 Customize Images--01 Windows 8 Customize Images-02 Windows 8 Customize Images--03 Windows 8 Customize Images-04

Customize Start Menu Color & Background :-

★ Press "Windows+C" or keep your mouse cursor "Top or Bottom corner in right side"
★ From floating navigation select "Setting" (Image 01-Below Gallery)
★ Now click to bottom line "Change PC Setting" (Image 02)
★ Select "Start Screen" (Image 04-Gallery Above)
★ Now customize background image and color.

Is not it easy? I guess, this was really easy and as I told windows 8 is not really complex.

How to Use Power Menu in Windows 8 :-

Some people do not like windows 8 because there have no Start button. I think this revolutionary change keep still windows 8 behind windows seven (all other reason also include but this is most discussed). May be it’s not a big deal but for general users this is a big question. If you one of them then I am going to show you something which is not less important than windows Start menu. It’s true in 8 you have no start button but you can use power menu. Follow me:-

★ Just click "Windows Logo+X" from your keyboard (Image 5 - Left Side)
★ See something? You must see something if you hold both key at same time
★ This is called "Power Menu" where contains all 16 option and most important navigation link
★ You can use any power function from any place in your PC, nothing need but just press "Windows+X" keyboard button.

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by Razu Ahammed

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