Common Ways to Get Your PC/Email inside Malware Network-Protection Tips

[This article describes, how to hackers can seduce you inside malware network, most commonly by using email (YouTube, Fake Apps, DHL Courier) or some time they also uses Adobe pdf documents. And I want to share with you, what is the perfect way to deal with this type of dangerous threats (malware, scams, and phishing attack). Go to bottom of this post for only protection tips]

With the growing of time online threats increasing rapidly, most time when people unaware about it they affected by some of the threats. So this is first terms you have to be careful and you have to be careful, there have no other way which can save you but antivirus with up to date database. Recently some of the ways has been identified which using randomly to explore malware among the pc users.

Why Malware is Dangerous for you?

When you surf in online or stay connected with online that time world is very small. Most time you are unsecured because very few people have known which site is good or which mail have something good. Sometime it’s so hard to identify good or bad email/apps. Suppose you got an email from YouTube which related your account, generally YouTube mails is trusted and secures but if this YouTube email come from a hacker and have some type of attachment that can ruin your life. This is undoubtedly true email is the best and popular way for exploring malware among the pc users. Email where have attachment file really matter of tension, some good antivirus software with up to date database is the only way to defend this type of threats. Now the question is, how can a malware affect me? What’s really bad inside malware or Trojan-horse?

When Malware Enter Inside Your Computer/E-mail :

★ Your PC will work slowly
★ All setting will be changed automatically
★ Your browsing history including password, web information and lot more will be stolen even you can’t notice it
★ If you have any financial information (like - credit card or bank account related) inside email or pc that could be also passed. It’s really dangerous because this is the main target of malware program.
★ Personal information also main target especially it’s applicable for celebrity
★ You might lose your email account or web site access, that’s very awful.
★ A tiny malware can be reason for your more than millions money lose.

Method One – Fake App Scam

After revolution of android operating system millions of apps have been made and still counting. Reasonably android apps are now using to hijack your phone or stealing all personal information. Most time apps scam happened due to download from third party apps site or from some unsecure source. You have no idea which apps are good or which is waiting for you to ruin your life. As example we can tell about Angry Birds: star wars game scam. Most of the report said, by using this app all personal information hijacked and automatically it send some premium sms (which must cut your account balance but you might even don’t known it) even if you did not install Star War game. Like pc I think mobile security still not strong, there have a lot of weak point which hackers now started using to gather all personal information or for some others reasons. First way to protect your phone, you must download all of your apps from secure source (1st – Google Play Store, 2nd – Amazon). I think this is very good way to download apps first in pc, after checking by antivirus if you installed it in phone that must make you more secure than installed it directly phone. But the problem is still Google play store have not this type of option but for security it’s essential. I hope, within short time Google can realize it.

Method Two – YouTube E-mail Threat

This is not new but by using YouTube malware exploring is new method. Everyday thousands of MB video uploading in YouTube and on of your uploaded video can bring something special for you. Like a user reported, after uploading a video in YouTube he got a mail where mentioned his video have some illegal content. This was not any ordinary email, it’s look like similar to YouTube email. So there was no doubt it can help him to reach a trouble world. I quote his email below:-

Subject: Your video may have illegal content
Attached file:
Message body:
Your video may have content that is owned or licensed by Music Publishing Rights Collecting Society.No action is required on your part; however, if you are interested in learning how this affects your video, please open attached file with Content ID Matches section of your account for more information.
- The YouTube Team

Guess what? As expected it’s happened like same, his pc attacked by Troj/Agent-XXC Trojan horse. After downloading attachment file it’s automatically explored to whole pc and pc started working slowly, all setting was changed and he was really in some big trouble. But fortunately nothing happened because this advance user has very good and up to date antivirus software which help him to protect this malware program. So you have to be careful about any email (even from Google) when they provide you an attachment file. Just now make sure your pc protection if you want to avoid some serious problem.

Method Three – DHL Courier

Like YouTube it is same problem, someone will send you email by calming DHL where will include postal recipient (if you have familiarity with DHL then you know without this recipient they do not give your parcel) and said to pick up your parcel from certain courier place. So while you are going to take your parcel malware will expand your whole pc and gather all of your information and you will back from DHL courier nothing but with empty hand. In the meant time you must fall in serious problem. This type of email you can easily avoid, essential step keep an up to date strong antivirus and 2nd step to download your DHL recipient from official website by using tracking code or shipment reference.

Method Four – Adobe PDF Documents

By using adobe pdf reader malware was expanding it’s fixed first time in 2011. There was a bug in Adobe Reader by using that XFA malware (which is considered as a very dangerous program) was entered in PC and collect all of your personal information. To avoid this XFA malware first you have to remove backdated adobe reader including all effected PDF file. Scan your whole pc by using up to date full version antivirus and then install a latest version adobe or if you like Foxit reader.

Make Your PC Protected

★ Use up to date and full version Antivirus Software especially online security version
★ Avoid all suspicious email, website and software
★ Think at least two time before opening an email attachment, you must scan it first
★ Remember, YouTube never send attachments file, so this type of email is spoof
★ For DHL use your own account to their site for receiving your recipient slip
★ Download regularly all of your operating system update, this is also important
★ Linux is safer than windows but that’s mean you can’t sit idle, be careful

In the End...........

I hope this article can help you at least little. If that happen then I am also satisfied to write this article. I also hope you will stay with our website and it’s better to get all of our update if you SUBSCRIBE us. You instantly received all new blog update from AllurSolve

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Good information. now i discussing.. Threat of Different Kind of Trojans

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