What You Need to do & What You don’t do for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

[What you need to do before going to build a site, what is essential when you write new content and what can make your website miserable or reason to lost your profit. All SEO tips in a place]

Every webmaster want to make his website popular but some webmaster wants to achieve his site popularity within short time. This is the main problem for SEO; you must have to remind SEO always a long term process. In this blog I just don’t want to discuss what you can do for search engine optimization but I also try to say what you have to avoid which is really very bad for SEO. It’s very important to make a long term popular site, what is really your vision? Don’t make a website just for some ad network especially for AdSense, AdSense getting smarter daily but this affiliate site will kick you if you have not good popularity with good content. So the key point is, make a website for people, write something for people not for AdSense keyword and do just only those things which you can do best. Let’s talk details about SEO.

To Make Your Website Stable-Popular-Good in SERP:-

★ Be patient & be patient, take time to make your web popular and fix your vision
★ Site will be for visitors, if people like your website then search engine or AdSense also like your site
★ Never forget this is not time to do something only by using some shitty Meta tag or description
★ Don’t make your website mixed; just hold on with a certain subject. If you want to make your site by based on Tech then do all things by following main theme. Never mix tech, entertainment in a same place. I guess, Search Engine or AdSense don’t like it so much.
★ Build up your own brand, why you follow other people? Do something unique, write something unique and it’s a fundamental truth you must have to avoid all types of plagiarism, all type of copy-paste.
★ Never try to beak copyright law if you don’t want to lose your AdSense, if you fall in DMCA copyright breaking site list let me guess it can vanish your entire dream. Google can turn around & you will lost all visitors.
★ Make a fresh, easy to navigate and full of unique content which will help people website
★ Never try to get an AdSense account so quickly, complete your website and make your website popular then apply for AdSense. Within short time you will get AdSense. The reason is clear I guess, Google don’t like those website which only make for AdSense or which site traffic is very low. AdSense getting might be hard but more harder is to hold this affiliate site.

To Get Your Content in Search Engine Very Quickly:-

★ You must write unique content which length will be at least 350 to 400 characters (per article)
★ Write something where people can take some helps; don’t write some bullshit/copy-paste article, that can ruin you
★ Add your site to all search engines and it’s free. You can also use “addme.com” for this work but I recommend you to add your site to all search engines individually.
★ Make sure you submit your Sitemap in Google Webmaster and there have no crawl error
Use correct robot.txt, if you make any mistake here then everything will be gone
★ Ping your website frequently and it is the best way to reach Google (go to Google and search “ping service”, you will get some great ping website)
★ Share your new content among all social services like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, LinkedIn and more if you can do that. You can use some social sharing website like “hootsuite.com”
★ “chime.in” is a very good website who can help you most to index your content so quickly. Share your new content there and let’s see what happened

If you can follow all above tips accurately then take my guarantee all of your content will index less than 24 hours but remind it, to update website especially blog site continuously is the best way to reach Google; neither had it always taken some more time.

Don’t do Below Points for SEO :–

★ Never be mad for Link building or back link. If you have good content then your visitor gives your content link around the word. I never think artificial link building can help you some. It’s just time and money wasting.
★ Don’t make your website as a spammer, as I told people will get your content when it’s help them
★ Give time for good position in search engine and build trust among your visitor, clear your vision

I am not a big fish but what I told here this can help you. So don’t try to figure me, try to figure what I said. I have at least enough experiment from my good and bad work. You may stay with us by SUBSCRIBING and we will appreciate it. Thanks for reading and if you think this is a helpful article then share it among your friend.

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by Razu Ahammed

Razu Ahammed is Author in RMW-AUS & founder of RAZU Multimedia World. Love to work with Web Developing but passionate about Blogging. He is from Bangladesh.

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